monogramErik Brinkman

I am a new research scientist at Facebook. In 2018 I finished my PhD in Computer Science at the University of Michigan, where I was advised by Michael Wellman. My research interests include games with endogenous information acquisition, empirical game solving, agent-based modeling applied to the finance, and general machine learning.



D3 Dag

A DAG layout library based around d3.

Math Genealogy Explorer

A simple SPA for displaying notable mathematical ancestors with links to their English Wikipedia pages.


A command line utility for generating plots according to the principles of Principiae.

Stats Cli

Simple rust command line tool for computing statistics on a stream of utf-8 floats.

Great Lakes Distance

A visualization of how far you can be from the great lakes in any state, created using D3.

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Thanks to Catherine Wah for inspiring the design of this website, Alison Wilcox for helping with the general design and the logo.

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